Friday, 21 March 2014

One week until Proposal Defense

I finished the second outfit yesterday, the tailored suit took a lot longer than planned.  The third outfit, I am not quite happy with, but I'll finish what I have and deal with it after next week.  Tuesday I start the fourth outfit, which I will wear on Friday.  It's a cotton day dress with a bought jacket that I hope to rework a bit with some trim.  I just couldn't pass up the deal, 75$ for a pleather version of the one I sketched out, and the pleather matches skirt fabric I bought for another outfit.
Today I did some last minute revisions to the thesis proposal, changing dates around really, to better reflect the current timeline.  Looks like I will be finished in September if I stick to the plan.  I think I can do it if I really apply myself and keep writing.  That would give time for edits and I could graduate in the winter...not too far behind.

I've been looking at schools for the PhD, I'm not sure where I really want to go, or what I want to study, other than fashion.  I don't want to be having to take courses completely unrelated to my chosen path again, it was hard enough for the MA.  I really want to work with a school that agrees that fashion is important...Now to find one that I can financially deal with.

Feeling like I should have gone down to the studio today and gotten some work done.

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