Tuesday, 21 July 2015

a bit busy...

We were supposed to have been moved by now.  I was also supposed to spend the summer in Williamsburg with Jay Howlett making breeches.  Neither happened.  Our move date has been pushed to next week, the 29th of July.  So I have been keeping myself busy with other things.

First off, I made an 18thC pin ball.  My mum made the silver ring, and then I worked the embroidery.

blue flower on one side, pink on the other

Then I realized that Pierre would need a new waistcoat for Shelburne's founder's days, since all of his clothes are F&I period, not Revolutionary.  I had a piece of blue finely striped linen that would do the trick.  I ended up piecing the top shoulders as the length wasn't quite long enough.  I interlined the fronts with linen canvas as the fashion linen wasn't up for the challenge of being tailored, and then I lined the whole waistcoat with a thin green linen.  It took me two days of sewing, but I got it finished by Wednesday afternoon...now I'm wondering if there are any photos from the weekend that show him wearing it?

Thursday we headed to Shelburne Nova Scotia.  It was a great weekend, just what we needed.  It was warm enough for me and being right on the water, still cool enough for the rest of the gang.  We hosted a tavern night on Friday evening which was a famous success! We'll have to do more of that.  And now I am inspired to work on more projects.
The best part of the weekend for me personally, was learning that clothing that I made almost 20 years ago is still going strong, still being worn.  Some of those uniforms are now on their third owners.  This has encouraged me to start the business back up again.  So this winter, I suspect I will be sewing as well as studying.

For now, I'm off to see if I can find a photo of Pierre in his new waistcoat, if not, you'll have to wait to see the rest of the suit!

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