Tuesday, 2 June 2015

mitts...and stuff

Last night at our local stitch and bitch night I finished my new cotton mitts.  For this project I used Sharon Burnston's pattern in Fitting and Proper


I made my set a bit longer than usual for the 18thC because I'm actually going to be wearing them with my regency evening gown.  So they come up over my elbows and tie above with drawstrings to keep them in place.
I made them from a piece of cotton batiste in my stash, cutting them so tightly that all I have left are cabbage pieces...stash busting for the win.  They are fingerless though, with the triangle over the back of the hand, and just a tiny half thumb.

I made the tiniest little flat felled seams and small little hems on everything.  So small that sewing actually made my hands hurt.  Over all, it took me three days to make the pair.  Working slowly with many breaks.  It'll be a while before I tackle a small seamed project like this again.

Next up are stockings.  I got some money for a birthday present, and after I buy a new pair of bumming around modern shoes, I'm going to buy some yarn. I can get single ply yarn at the NSCAD supply store that knits up into the most lovely stockings.  I'll get into production of those so that Pierre can toss some of his Townsend cotton stockings, but also so that mum and I have some new stockings too.

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