Wednesday, 31 December 2014

More reading, more writing, but the end is in sight

I spent much of December reading and writing, turned in the thesis again on Monday and have been running around like a chicken ever since.  We bought a new printer, which caused the den to explode, it's still in a state, but I have a desk again.  Today, I spent the entire day applying for new IDs and waiting in lines...I am so spent.

Tomorrow, I will get back to sewing.  I am working on regency clothing right now, new gowns and coats for Mum and I, new gown for Laura.  We wondered yesterday if my spencer would fit her as her new bonnet is brown and her dress is going to be peach and ivory lace.  I'll throw it at her tomorrow, and if it doesn't, we're off to the fabric store again.  I am working on mum's gown right now, navy blue and her coat will be camel, possibly with fur trim.  Mine is going to be shades of gold, satin with a silk striped overlay, my coat is teal, possibly also with fur trim.  Pierre will wear his uniform, but I made a new stock for his neck, a new style I'm experimenting with...he'll need a new shirt with a higher collar.

I have been reading today, this blog about a full emersion event.  So jealous! What fun that would be...we can come close at Scott Manor in February.  I'm looking forward to it, and it has proven to be a raging success, sold out, so there's hope for more winter events to happen.

I made the grown up decision to put off the PhD for a year, we need to get ourselves up there, I need to meet some people.  I will also have to take some graduate level art histories, so I will do that.  I may also take a swing down to the for some coursework.  I am itching to get back in the studio, back into historical textiles.

well, happy new year all, I'll be asleep when it actually turns over, I'm shortly for bed now.  Be well

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