Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Studio day

I have designated Tuesdays as a studio/work day.  Today I am cutting out a silk bonnet to wear to class next week (I almost wrote a couple of weeks there, time is slipping away quickly!).  I am presenting on interpretation, ethnology, and museums for my 'objects' class.  I think my final paper will be on interpretation too.  I also checked further into the Fort Ti internship, the due date for applications is the first of April, so I may use this piece of writing as part of that application.

But first, bonnets, and next week's class.  I was hesitant on the whole bonnet thing at first.  I saw them as a fashion trend emerging within the re-enacting community when they first appeared.  I wondered how prevalent they would have been in period, and how many would be produced by reenactors to wear.  Would the silk bonnet eclipse the straw bonnet?  What about the calash?  The last few years have seen more and more information put out for the public to see, and I have to now admit that I am convinced.  Will I be wearing my bonnet all the time? Probably not.  It will be saved for working in, when the other hat options are not practical.  And probably not when it is too hot, as the straw is a better option there.

I am making mine out of black silk taffeta that my brother gifted to me a few years ago.  It is fine quality cloth, with no slubs at all.  I am constructing the brim with layers of hair canvas, pad stitched together to create the curve, then I'll cover the canvas with wool, then the silk.

Ok, this is me, getting my day started.

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